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MassDOT announce High School Video Contest to promote “Safe Streets. Smart Trips.” Initiative

MassDOT Secretary and CEO, Richard A. Davey announced a statewide high school video contest to promote the Safe Streets. Smart Trips. initiative at an event on Thursday, May 15h at Somerville High School. The initiative is a multiagency and multidisciplinary effort within the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness and Enforcement Program, and part of the Massachusetts Strategic Highway Safety Plan to promote safe walking, bicycling, and driving behaviors within the Commonwealth.

MassDOT Secretary & CEO Richard Davey announces "Safe Streets. Smart Trips." Video Contest
MassDOT Secretary & CEO Richard Davey announces “Safe Streets. Smart Trips.” Video Contest on Thursday, May 15.

The video contest is open to all high school students across the Commonwealth. Contest rules and guidelines will be sent to high school principals and can also be found here.  A grand prize and runner-up winner will be chosen in October, 2014 and their contributions will be premiered at MassDOT’s annual active transportation conference, Moving Together. The grand prize winner will receive an iPad, a $300 cash prize, and a prize packet of sponsor prizes, while the runner-up winner will receive an iPad and a prize packet of sponsor prizes.

The contest is designed to raise awareness of each traveler’s behavior within the transportation system. In order to prevent accidents on our roadways, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians must exercise care and caution for one another. The contest will also draw on the benefits of healthy and active transportation options.

For more information about the 2014 Moving Together healthy transportation conference, please visit this link.

Biking in the City Class for Teens Now Open

This cyclist has clearly never taken the City of Cambridge's bike safety courses. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
This cyclist has clearly never attended the City of Cambridge’s bike safety courses. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

We adults know that bicycling is a great way to keep fit, but sometimes we forget what it can mean to a child. Riding a bike helps young people develop self-confidence and good judgment, and being safe while riding a bike is an important lesson for kids to learn. On Saturday, June 22, from 9:30am-2:00pm, Cambridge teenagers will have the chance to learn how to stay safe on their bicycles at a free City-sponsored class.

The class will focus on bike safety, rules of the road, and on-bike training to increase teenagers’ street smarts on the pavement. After learning how to ride safely with traffic, students will end their day with an actual bike ride to practice the skills they have learned during the workshop.  Lunch, laughs, and good times are included. 

The workshop will take place at the Vassal Lane Upper School near Fresh Pond (197 Vassal Lane, Cambridge) and the ride will leave from there. You must bring your own bike and have at least some experience riding a bicycle. For registration and additional information, please email or call 617-349-4671.

The Chronicle Pits Cambridge Against Somerville

A piece published last Friday by the Cambridge Chronicle asks a fun question: Cambridge vs. Somerville, who ya got!? Kidding aside, this is an attempt to look at the two cities’ long-standing commitments to making bicycling a safe and attractive commuting option. The piece is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I still love the spirit of friendly competition between our two communities.

The author, Emily Cataneo, correctly points out that both Cambridge and Somerville are leading the way on making cycling both easier and safer. She spoke with several cyclists who seemed to think that Somerville is pushing the infrastructure envelope a little bit further, but that Cambridge is home to more bike-friendy automobile drivers. I’m not sure I agree with either of those assessments, but I walk much more frequently than I cycle, so I’d love to hear from the cyclists online: if you had to choose between cycling in Cambridge and cycling in Somerville, which would you pick and why? Leave your comments below, or just Tweet them at me, @TimToomey1.