Rose Kelly of Cobble Hill celebrates her 100th Birthday

SOMERVILLE – Somerville City Club, 20 Inner Belt Rd. – map
Somerville Journal article: “Sox fan celebrates 100th birthday”

Rose Kelly of Cobble Hill Apartments celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends at the Somerville City Club. Her family flew in from all across the country, including California, to join her in reaching this amazing milestone.

Rose Kelly, second from the left, was surrounded by friends and family for her 100th birthday.

Her friends and neighbors from Cobble Hill shared in the festivities and we all enjoyed a meal with music and good conversation. I had a chance to chat with my friend Bill Roche, Alderman for Ward 1 in Somerville, along with many of Rose’s friends and familiar faces. With so many friendly people around, I can see what makes Cobble Hill such a lively community and a great place to live.

Rose’s friends and neighbors at Cobble Hill Apartments with Alderman Bill Roche.

It was my pleasure to meet Rose and her wonderful family. Rose looks amazing for her age–I could hardly believe she was turning 100! In honor of her momentous day, I presented Rose with a citation from the Massachusetts State Legislature congratulating her and wishing her many more birthdays to come.

Happy Birthday Rose!

Video: Tim presents Rose with a citation from The Massachusetts State Legislature.

A Visit with SPELL Students at the Argenziano School

SOMERVILLE – 290 Washington St – map

I had the pleasure of visiting with two groups of students involved in the Summer Program for English Language Learners (SPELL) at the Argenziano school in Somerville.

The first was a group of rising third and fourth graders who had lots of great ideas about how to improve our state and their schools. Among some of the more enticing ideas were a Massachusetts state-wide pizza day, and a swimming pool for every classroom. The students all showed great interest in how our state makes rules, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see one or two of those faces down the line in the next generation of this state’s political leaders.

The second was a group of rising eighth graders, mostly from East Somerville. They had all prepared questions for the visit, and were not shy about going right to the important issues–the first question I was asked is if I would ever like to be Governor. Although I was flattered by the question, I told the class that I’ve had my current job for nearly twenty years. I love the job I have and district that I represent, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Marsh Post Welcomes Home Cambridge Troops

CAMBRIDGE – 1 Gerrys Landing Rd map

On Saturday,I joined the American Legion Marsh Post #442 as they hosted a welcome home barbeque for our local soldiers returning from duty in Iraq. Company C First Battalion of the 181st Infantry Massachusetts Army National Guard returned safely home from Iraq on March 19, 2008 after being deployed July 9, 2007.

The event was organized by Jim Gray of the Marsh Post in coordination with the Cambridge Veterans’ Organization, Boy Scout Troop 45 and the City of Cambridge’s Department of Veterans’ Services. Being sure that our troops who are returning home from the war in Iraq are honored for their service should remain an important focus and organizations such as these should be commended for their efforts.