Poll #1: East Somerville Soccer Stadium

What are your thoughts on the rumors of Robert Kraft building a soccer stadium for the New England Revolution in East Somerville?

56% – Great idea! I can’t wait to walk to a Major League Soccer game!
31% – Not sure. I haven’t heard enough about it yet.
9% – No thanks.
3% – Depends–can Bob Kraft do for the Revolution what he did for the Patriots?

The Cambridge Innovation Center

CAMBRIDGE: Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway – map

For anyone who may have missed it, this past Sunday‚Äôs Globe has a fantastic article highlighting the Cambridge Innovation Center. The CIC is one of the most important buildings in Cambridge. Tim Rowe has created an atmosphere that allows young start up companies to share ideas, feed off each other’s energy, and drives them to success. Cambridge has a history of innovation and the CIC is a reflection of the entrepreneurial attitude that has made Cambridge a hot bed of activity for over a century.

Read the Globe Article: The Idea Factory

SCC Summer Membership Meeting: A Time for Action!

SOMERVILLE – West Somerville Neighborhood School, 177 Powderhouse Blvd, Somerville map

Somerville Community Corporation (SCC)
337 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA
SCC Staff

The annual Summer Membership Meeting drew a crowd of active community members from all over Somerville for dinner and workshops. This year the theme was “A Time for Action!” Translators were on hand for Spanish and Portuguese residents, and the large turnout reflected the diversity of Somerville.

A full house at the annual SCC Membership Meeting.

The entire group heard about the successes and the projects SCC and the residents of Somerville have worked on over the year. As a small taste of what the SCC is all about, people were then given the chance to join in workshops on some of the important issues affecting Somerville. The workshops focused on four areas:

  • How the Green Line will impact Somerville
  • Getting good jobs for Somerville residents (Danny LeBlanc)
  • Making Massachusetts more welcoming for our immigrant neighbors (Tito Meza)
  • Understanding your budget and credit needs (Thais DeMarco)

A Financial Literacy graduate leads the discussion in the budget and credit workshop with instructor Thais Demarco.

Each workshop had an open discussion and was welcome to everyone. The workshops are a great way for people to get an idea of the services and opportunities the SCC has for community education and involvement. The financial literacy course and workshop, for example, aims to empower people to take control of their budget in simple, practical ways that can help move people towards financial security.

If you are interested in being a part of future discussions, or enrolling in the course on financial literacy, or if you know someone who might, please get in touch with the SCC.