Author: allison

2006 Op-Ed: Immigration and In-State Tuition

I am proud of an op-ed that I wrote over a decade ago about the availability of in-state higher education tuition for undocumented students.

The debate over immigration policy has only grown more contentious over time, but Cambridge has always affirmed the rights of those who pursue a better life – remaining committed to being a sanctuary city.

The East Cambridge that I grew up in was a community of immigrants – “multiculturalism” before we even had that word. Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian… my neighbors came from all over the world and we worked together to make sure everyone was taken care of. I hope that we can find that understanding for one another as the fight for an inclusive and affordable Cambridge continues.

Let me know your thoughts by reaching out any time.

Update: Grand Junction and Volpe

  I have worked hard in order to ensure that the Grand Junction Path comes to fruition and believe that the path is an important step in connecting our neighborhoods. MIT is a major land owner along the track and we should be working with them to ensure that this project is completed. The Volpe…