What I’ve been up to…

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks as Cambridge enjoys the final weeks of summer. I’ve been very lucky to be able to attend a number of fantastic community events as I continued my work on the City Council to ensure that Cambridge is welcoming to all.

I attended a City Council candidates forum hosted by the Harvard Dems – a group of undergraduates who are invested in the political process. I shared with them my own story of a Harvard mentor I met as a child and encouraged them to remain engaged with the community around them.

I was also pleased to attend the re-opening of the Rindge Towers. Affordable housing is a key issue facing Cambridge and 273 units of affordable housing back on the market is a great achievement!

I’ve been a frequent fixture at CCTV these days – they are doing a great service for the community by providing many opportunities for City Council candidates to speak directly to the citizens. Their Back Lot Barbecue was a lot of fun – a fantastic turnout!

Protecting Cambridge’s working class is another key goal of mine. I was grateful for the opportunity to stand by Local 40, along with other elected officials (Mayor Denise Simmons, Vice Mayor Marc McGovern, and State Representative Marjorie Decker), as they fought for wage protections.

I’ve also enjoyed being able to attend community events such as the celebration for the 150th year of the St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish…

…and the MIT Community Block Party:

Finally, I’ve been going door to door, talking to voters, sharing my ideas, and hearing concerns from the community.

I’ll be doing this a lot over the next six weeks, trying to connect with as many members of the Cambridge community as I can.

The election is on November 7th – I hope I can count on your #1 vote. Get in touch at any time, by e-mailing me (timtoomey@aol.com), calling my district office at 617-491-1846, or my stopping by my district office at 550 Cambridge Street.

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