Tonight in Cambridge: MBTA Seeking Comment on Future of Late Night Service

Work continues on the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic Longfellow Bridge.

A Red Line train crosses the Longfellow Bridge on its way into downtown Boston.

Later tonight, a public meeting will be held to discuss the future of late night MBTA service. The meeting will be held at Cambridge City Hall in the Sullivan Chamber from 6pm to 8pm.

The MBTA Fiscal Management and Control Board has recommended the discontinuation of the late night service program, which has provided an extra 90 minutes of T service each Friday and Saturday night since 2014.

While the late night program is more expensive to operate than regular service, I believe that cancelling it would be short sighted. Tens of thousands of people, many of them workers and students, have come to rely on this program as a safe, affordable method of transiting the city late at night. Earlier today, I sent a comment letter (included below) to the MBTA General Manager requesting that this service be preserved. If you would also like to voice comments to the T, please email them to, or attend the meeting tonight at City Hall.

Click here to read my letter to the MBTA GM in opposition to cancelling late night service.


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