More Sullivan Courthouse Documents Made Public

Yesterday morning, my staff were given access to a significant volume of documents detailing the proposals the state received for redevelopment of the Sullivan Courthouse in East Cambridge. This document disclosure came in response to a public records request I made this summer and follows the release of the purchase and sale agreement between DCAMM and Leggatt McCall earlier this month. My staff were given physical access to the documents at DCAMM’s offices in the McCormack Building in downtown Boston, but could not remove the documents to copy them. I expect that DCAMM will provide me with a complete digital or hard copy of the documents within the coming weeks. For now, I am able to provide some “scans” of the documents that my staff were able to take with their cell phone cameras. These documents include information regarding the appraisal of the courthouse, bid prices, and the evaluation criteria that DCAMM used in selecting Leggatt McCall as the developer.

Staff edit: We are now hosting the documents on Tim’s website so you do not have to create a Scribd account in order to download them. These are direct links to the PDF files:


  1. theszak - Reply

    FOI Freedom Of Information Public Records
    Sunshine Open Public Meetings
    Open Data
    Open Government

    a) What pending Massachusetts Legislation are there about FOI Freedom Of Information Public Records, Sunshine Open Public Meetings and Open Government?…

    b) What are in Committee?…

    c) What Amendments?…

    d) What new Massachusetts Legislation re Public Records, Open Meetings, Open Government are being worked on by any groups/individuals ?…

    • Tim - Reply

      A number of bills have been filed that would make changes to public records and open meeting statutes, too many to list here. I would suggest using the search function on the legislature’s website. For example, here are the results when you enter “public records” into bill search. Clicking a result will allow you to view the bill’s complete text and progress, including Committee and amendment history. As always, feel free to call my office if you have questions. 617-722-2380.

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