Construction Announcement: Sixth Street Road Closure – Begins Apr. 22

The following announcement is from Chris Neil, the Community Relations Manager for the City of Cambridge Deptartment of Public Works. – Tim

Location and Impact:

Sixth Street will be closing between Cambridge Street and Otis Street from both directions during general working hours. Abutters will maintain access.


Beginning April 22, 2014 and continuing for about 2 weeks.

Description of Activity:

As part of the mitigation plan for the private development project at 22 Water Street, the developer, in collaboration with the City of Cambridge, will enhance the drain system on Sixth Street from Cambridge Street to Otis Street. The work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 22 and is expected to be completed within 2 weeks.

During this work, Sixth Street will be closed between Cambridge Street and Otis Street from both directions during general work hours, but abutters will maintain access. General work hours will be from 7AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. “No Parking” signs will be posted in advance of construction.

Please be sure to check posted signs for exact date and times. The two handicap parking spaces that are currently located in the work area will be relocated within the same block on Sixth Street, between Cambridge Street and Otis Street.

Notices were distributed to area residents earlier this morning. If you have any questions about the work, please reach out to the City of Cambridge Department of Public Works on their Twitter feed @CambridgeDPW, visit their Facebook page, or contact my staff on 617-722-2380.

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