Harvard Square Celebrates Halloween All Weekend Long

Halloween in Harvard Square brings with it the spooky specter of student debt.

Halloween’s over when we say it’s over! Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Halloween was yesterday, but the Harvard Square Business Association is making sure the holiday’s spooky spirit remains alive (OR MAYBE UNDEAD!) throughout the weekend. Harvard Scare at Harvard Square highlights the fun ways local businesses are celebrating Halloween. Pedicabs can be hired to bring adult trick-or-treaters to participating businesses; the Harvard Coop is holding an all-ages pumpkin decorating contest tomorrow; Russell House Tavern is highlighting the Mexican traditions of Dia de Los Muertos; and just about every restaurant and bakery in the square is featuring pumpkins and other seasonal fare.

So, if you’re not quite ready to put your costume away until next year, or if you’re just looking for something to do this weekend—aside from attending the Red Sox’ rolling rally, of course—stop by Harvard Square.


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