Major Traffic Changes on Longfellow Bridge Expected to Last Until September 2014

Cambridge-bound traffic will be rerouted to the Craigie Bridge and Land Boulevard during the Longfellow Bridge's rehabilitation. Image via MassDOT.

Cambridge-bound traffic will be rerouted to the Craigie Bridge and Land Boulevard during the Longfellow Bridge’s rehabilitation. Image via MassDOT.

Beginning July 20, traffic patterns on the Longfellow Bridge will be dramatically changed to accommodate construction on the 107-year-old structure. The new traffic patterns will only affect motorists: cyclists and pedestrians will continue to be able to cross the bridge in both directions. The new traffic patterns are expected to persist until September 2014.  Click here to see a larger map of the new traffic patterns.

Boston-bound traffic will be reduced to one lane, while Cambridge-bound traffic will be diverted to the Craigie Bridge. You can learn more about the project and traffic changes at tomorrow night’s public meeting at MIT.


  1. Elis Aguilar-Becker - Reply

    Hi Mr. Toomey,

    Do you have any idea when the rehabilitation of the Anderson Memorial Bridge (JFK street) will be finished? As a Cambridge resident, I am just wondering if the Longfellow bridge rehab/maintenance could have been postpone until this other bridge rehabilitation is finished.
    This new contruction/rehabilitation is going to create massive traffic delays in an area already affected by street rehabs, gas companies work and many other constructions happening in the area.

    All of them are great and needed, but not at the same time.

    Thank you for your information and work for our community.

    Elis Aguilar-Becker

    • Tim Toomey - Reply

      Hi Elis,

      The scheduled completion for the Anderson Bridge rehab is October 2014. The Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation, which is responsible for these bridge projects, has used a basin-wide traffic model to time the construction phases of these bridges to cause the least amount of traffic impact while finishing construction as quickly as possible.

      Of course, I’m not saying that the bridge closure will be completely without pain. There will be delays–that fact is unavoidable. But as you point out, in return we are seeing almost every bridge in the Charles River Basin get a complete overhaul. The Craigie Dam Bridge and Craigie Drawbridge, the Boston University Bridge, and Magazine Beach Pedestrian Bridge have already been completed, and I’ve been told that the work on the BU Bridge overpass on Memorial Drive is scheduled to be finished before the closure of the Longfellow.

      When the Longfellow does close, there is always a chance that you will find things that the state could be doing better to manage the flow of traffic or provide safe access to the roads and sidewalks. I will be working closely with the Department of Transportation to make sure things are going as smoothly as possible and I encourage you to contact me with any complaints, comments, or suggestions.


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