The New and Improved #1 Bus

We're #1! We're #1! Image via Wikimedia Commons.

We’re #1! We’re #1! Image via Wikimedia Commons.

We expect a certain level of excellence with anything designated “#1,” and our bus routes are no exception. When its functioning properly, a good bus system can save time, money, and our environment. But the MBTA’s #1 bus, which runs from Harvard Square down to Dudley Station in Roxbury, carries more than 1,200 people every day, and we all agree that it’s in need of some improvements. To create a more seamless daily commute, the MBTA is updating the timing and infrastructure for 15 key bus routes, including the #1. You can read all about the larger Key Bus Routes Improvement Program here, but I’d like to focus on the changes to the Cambridge portion of the #1 bus route.

The funding for these route improvements comes in part from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as “the stimulus.” The MBTA is eliminating the 15 least-used stops on these key routes, including three serviced by the #1: Memorial Drive (inbound only), Clinton St. (outbound only), and Landsdowne/Front St. (inbound and outbound).  

Equally important, the MBTA is improving several stops by adding benches, shelters, pavement markings, and more:

  • The Albany St. inbound stop will see its driveway eliminated and its sidewalk rebuilt.
  • A shelter, a bench, and pavement markings will be added at Harvard’s Johnston Gate.
  • The Pleasant St. stop will be lengthened and better defined with pavement markings.
  • The Hancock/Sellers St. inbound stop will be lengthened and given new benches and pavement markings, while the Sellers St. stop will be eliminated to improve traffic flows.

Cambridge’s improved #1 bus route is scheduled to be fully complete by this fall.

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