Free Admission to Museum of Fine Arts May 25-27

Edouard Manet's

Edouard Manet’s “The Monet Family in Their Garden at ¬≠Argenteuil,” on loan from the Met as part of the MFA’s “Boston I Love” weekend. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

This Memorial Day weekend, the Museum of Fine Arts is waiving its $25 admission fee in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has been gracious enough to loan the MFA three paintings as part of the weekend’s “Boston I Love” event, which will also feature expressions of solidarity and support from around the country.

The MFA has traditionally offered free admission on Memorial Day, but this is the first time in recent memory they’ve done so for the full three-day weekend.¬† As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is a time to not only look ahead to barbecues and beaches, but also to reflect and to remember those who sacrificed for our country. The MFA is expecting tens of thousands of people to attend over the three-day weekend, and I’m continually amazed at how our communities have come together in the wake of a tragedy. If you’re looking for something fun, cheap, and uplifting this Memorial Day weekend, look no further than the MFA.

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