Tonight’s Meeting Regarding Transportation of Ethanol will be Shortened, Rescheduled

Due to the tragic and disturbing nature of the events that occurred at yesterday’s Boston Marathon, the Cambridge state legislative delegation has chosen to abbreviate a meeting regarding the transportation of ethanol that was originally planned for 6pm this evening at the King Open School. The delegation has decided that it will go forward with the meeting in a shortened format, and will postpone the presentation of a Massachusetts Department of Transportation safety study by Department officials. Residents who still wish to attend will have an opportunity to discuss their questions and comments with their elected representatives. Residents who attend the meeting will also be able to obtain copies of MassDOT’s safety study presentation.

The Cambridge delegation plans to reschedule a full meeting with Department of Transportation officials and will announce the rescheduled meeting’s date, time, and location in the coming days.

MassDOT’s ethanol safety study and related documents can be found at

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