Public Comment for Transportation Improvement Plan

The Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is a document designed to guide the Commonwealth’s long-term infrastructure planning. It’s not exactly scintillating reading and most people have probably never heard of it, but it’s an important step in any transportation project becoming a reality.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization┬áhas released a proposed draft for Amendment Four to the TIP, which you can read here. From now until April 9, the MPO is accepting public comment on the draft amendment, including its most recent addition: a statewide congestion mitigation and air quality program designed to offset the MBTA’s planned purchase of 10 new locomotives.

Copies of the document are available free of charge from the Metropolitan Planning Organization. You can request a copy or have your comments entered into the public record by calling (617)-973-7100, faxing your comments to (617)-973-8855, or emailing your comments to


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