Where to Get a Free Flu Shot

I just want to reiterate one point from my previous post that might not have been clear. When I wrote, “Get a flu shot. Let me repeat that: GET A FLU SHOT,” I left out one important word: “free.”

The Cities of Cambridge and Somerville are offering free flu shots.

In Cambridge, the Public Health Department is providing free vaccinations at 119 Windsor St. every Wednesday from 9am-1pm and every Thursday from 1pm to 4pm. To schedule your appointment, call 617-665-3826. There is no charge for these shots, but people with health insurance are encouraged to bring their insurance cards. 

In Somerville, you can get a free flu shot at the City Hall Annex (50 Evergreen Ave.) every Thursday from 5pm-7pm. Somerville’s free flu vaccines will only be distributed until January 31, and like Cambridge, neighbors are encouraged but not required to bring their health insurance cards. You can call the Public Health Nurses at 617-625-6600, ext. 4320 if you have any questions.

Of course, if you’re 18 or older, you can always get a flu shot at a pharmacy. Most Massachusetts health insurance plans cover flu shots, so just call ahead to the pharmacy to make sure they can take you, and go get that flu shot!

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