Somerville Launches MIMBY

MIMBY poster

The poster for Somerville’s MIMBY program. Image via Bostinno.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone would like to meet with you. Yes, you. At your home, or at a local coffee shop, or wherever. As the folks at Bostinno write, Mayor Joe will even provide snacks.

The program is called MIMBY, or “Mayor in My Back Yard,” and it’s part of the Mayor’s broader engagement strategy. My proverbial hat is off to the Mayor: this is a fun way to speak with citizens, to listen to their concerns, and to strengthen the bonds of our community. And the poster for the program made me chuckle. Though, if Bill Murray showed up at a Somervillian’s home, would anyone believe he’d been there?

Jokes aside, I commend the Mayor on this new program. As elected officials, we’re responsible to the people who elect us, and there’s no better way to understand the needs of a community than by speaking with the people who live there.

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