Registration for Student Government Day Now Open

For Commonwealth high schoolers, this will be your office for a day.

For Commonwealth high schoolers, this will be your office for a day. Image via Wikipedia.

High schoolers from all of Cambridge and Somerville are invited to attend next spring’s Student Government Day at the State House. The event will take place on April 5th, and each high school can send up to two students to the event. But the schools won’t just pick students to send: students will have to win an election to get here.

So, in effect, each participating high school will become it’s own “district,” with two representatives chosen of the student body, by the student body, and for the student body. Traditionally, elections for student representatives have coincided with that year’s statewide elections, which adds to the fun of the event.

If you’re a student who has considered a career in public service, I encourage you to run to be your school’s representative. There’s no better way to gain experience than actually going through a campaign. And if you’re a civics or history teacher at a local high school, encourage your students to get involved! Every student delegate will be assigned a role on Student Government Day, and your students will have the opportunity to see how legislation actually gets made.

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