Charles River Dam Locks Closed Starting Tomorrow

Charles River Dam Locks closed until December 12

The Charles River Dam Locks will be closed to pedestrian, bicycle, and boat traffic until December 12. Image via Flickr.

The Charles River Dam locks will be closed to pedestrian traffic beginning tomorrow at 7am. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has announced that work will continue on the locks until 4pm on Wednesday, December 12.

The locks serve as a popular conduit for joggers, cyclists and pedestrians crossing between Cambridge and Boston. Pedestrians who wish to cross the mouth of the Charles are advised to use the North Washington St. bridge or the Craigie Bridge.

The locks are being closed for routine maintenance and repair. This is a continuation of the work done on the nearby commerical locks, and part of DCR’s ongoing upkeep of a vital piece of infrastructure. So, if your favorite walking,┬árunning or cycling route includes a quick trip to the North End, be sure to map out a different path until Wednesday, December 12.

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