New Recycling Bins for Cambridge Residents

New recycling bins are coming for Cambridge residents.

New recycling bins are coming for Cambridge residents. The old ones will be recycled, naturally.

The Cambridge Department of Public Works is replacing residents’ recycling bins. For free.

Starting today, the DPW has asked residents to leave their empty recycling bins at the curb until 5:30pm the day after your normal collection day. Basically, all you’ll have to do is take out your recycling as you normally would, then leave the bin at the curb until a new one appears the next day. This program ends on December 8.

If this sounds like an early Christmas gift, it’s not: many of the 64-gallon recycling bins are cracking, and with winter fast approaching, now is the time to replace them. The plastic from current bins will be recycled, the wheels will be reused, and the cost of the new bins will be paid by the manufacturer since the bins are still under warranty.

If you have any questions, please email the DPW at, or call 617-349-4800.

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