Hubway expands in Cambridge

The new Hubway station at Columbia and Cambridge

Hubway, a bicycle sharing service, has expanded its presence in Cambridge with the opening of its second location on Cambridge St. Located at the corner of Cambridge St. and Columbia St., the new Hubway location brings the easy and affordable service to the Wellington-Harrington neighborhood.

Hubway is basically the rent-a-car model for bikes: users can pick up a bike at one of Hubway’s locations around town, use the bike to run errands or just go for a ride, and then return the bike at any Hubway location. It’s a great way for people to remember why they enjoyed riding bikes as kids, and programs like this go a long way toward decreasing traffic congestion and making our communities even better places to live. I’m pleased to see the opening of a new Hubway location in the Wellington-Harrington neighborhood, and I’m excited about the positive effects it will continue to bring to the 26th Middlesex District.



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