MassDOT Board Votes to Fund GLX Design Contract

Yesterday, the MassDOT and MBTA boards of directors voted to authorize a $19 million design contract for Gilbane Building Company/HDR Engineering Inc. to provide additional design engineering services for the Green Line Extension. The HDR/Gilbane team, which has been behind the recent GLX station designs presented to residents, will continue their work in construction and design management in partnership with MassDOT and the MBTA.

The approval of this contract is positive news for the Green Line Extension. Although it does not represent a major development in the history of the project, it is critical that ongoing projects within the Green Line Extension program, such as the public station design process that is being led by the HDR/Gilbane team, are properly funded and allowed to continue to completion.

The next major step toward beginning construction on the Green Line Extension will be the issuance of a contract for initial construction work on the Medford St. Rail Bridge in Somerville, the Harvard St. Rail Bridge in Medford, and the demolition of the MBTA-owned building at 21 Water St. in Cambridge. MassDOT and the MBTA hope to award a contract by the end of 2012, meaning that the Green Line Extension is closer than ever to seeing shovels in the ground.

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