Cambridge Fire Hydrant Maintenance to Begin April 30th

The Cambridge Water and Fire Departments will begin their regular testing and maintenance of the city’s fire hydrants on April 30th. Water main flushing will also be conducted during the same time period.

Fire hydrant testing is performed annually to ensure that fire hydrants are in working condition, and to identify those hydrants that need repairs. When hydrants are tested, the sediment that collects in the city’s water mains may be disturbed. This may cause your water to take on a rusty color for a period of several hours. Discolored water does not normally pose a health risk, but the Cambridge Water Department recommends that anyone who has doubts about the safety of rust-colored water should not drink it. The discoloration will disappear in a matter of hours, but you may wish to store a gallon or two of water for use on the day of the testing.

Residents should be aware that discolored water may stain clothes, and water should be checked before doing laundry on the day of the test.

Testing and maintenance will occur in Central Square, Area IV, and MIT beginning on April 30 and will continue through May 11.

Testing and maintenance will occur in East Cambridge from May 29 through June 8.

Testing and maintenance will occur in the Inman Square area from June 11 through June 22.

You may call the Cambridge Fire Department between 8:00 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. at 617-349-4780 for a daily list of precise testing locations.

If I can be of any assistance or you require more information about hydrant testing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact link on the menu above.


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