Broadway Sidewalk Reconstruction Community Meeting Jan. 11th

The City of Cambridge has begun planning for the renovation and reconstruction of sidewalks on Broadway between Prospect Street and Portland Street. Please see the notice below for information about an upcoming community meeting that will be held to discuss the coming construction:

Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Fletcher Maynard School Library, Second Floor, 225 Windsor St

Dear Broadway Neighbor,

The City of Cambridge is currently developing plans to reconstruct the roadway and sidewalk on Broadway between Prospect Street and Portland Street. Please join us at the community meeting to learn more about the project, give your feedback, and discuss options for sidewalk materials.


  • Improve deteriorating roadway and sidewalk infrastructure.
  • Enhance the area for all users – pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  • Improve the safety of pedestrians going to and from Sennott Park (Tremont Street).
  • Increase the number of street trees.
  • Improve drainage to reduce ponding on the roadway.


The City’s policy is to replace existing sidewalks with the same material (concrete with concrete, brick with wire cut brick). During construction, property owners are given the option of changing their sidewalk material, as described below.

  • Keep existing sidewalk material – no cost to property owner.
  • Change from brick to concrete – no cost to property owner.
  • Change from concrete to brick – property owner pays the differential cost.
  • The City’s policy provides flexibility for property owners, but results in a mix of sidewalk materials.


  • The existing sidewalks on Broadway are a combination of concrete (75%) and brick (25%), similar to the mix of sidewalk materials throughout the city.
  • This project can follow the City policy for sidewalk material, as described above, which will continue the mix of materials on a property by property basis.
  • Or, we can implement a more unified approach by providing a concrete surface for the walking area and a brick feature strip, as shown in the photo. In addition to creating a unified look for the street, this approach has the benefit of providing a concrete surface for the walking area, which is strongly preferred by people with disabilities, while maintaining a visually appealing mix of brick and concrete.

The meeting location is accessible; however, persons in need of ADA / Title II accommodations should contact Brian McLane at 617-349-4824 or To receive future updates related to construction of Broadway via email, please contact Kelly Dunn, Community Relations Manager at or 617-349-4870.

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