Spotlight on Local Business: Modern Homebrew Emporium Customer Appreciation Day

Modern Homebrew Emporium, Cambridge – map

On Saturday, September 10th, Modern Homebrew Emporium on Massachusetts Avenue held its customer appreciation day, inviting customers to brew beer outside the store and introducing many passersby to the growing hobby of homebrewing.

Home brewers brew beer under the watchful eye of the Cambridge Fire Department

Inside the store, customers browsed shelves stocked with malted barley, hops, and a wide range of equipment used to brew both beer and wine. Outside, owner Roger Savoy cooked hotdogs, burgers, and chicken wings for hungry brewers.

Savoy, who owns a total of three homebrew stores spread out across Massachusetts and New York, purchased the Modern Homebrew Emporium in the early 2000s. The store had previously been known as “Modern Brewer,” and opened in 1990. The former owners attempted to turn the store into a microbrewery, a venture that they were, unfortunately, forced to end after a relatively brief period. While in operation as a brewery, Modern Brewer gained local notoriety for producing a beer known as “Fat Cat ESB”, a bitter English-style ale. After Modern Brewer’s brewing operation closed, Fat Cat was licensed to other area brewers. Famed beer critic Michael Jackson gave high praise to Fat Cat in a review published in 1998, calling it an “excellent example of the English style.”

Tim with Modern Homebrew Emporium owner Roger Savoy

For those adventurous enough to try recreating Fat Cat, the Modern Homebrew Emporium has published the recipe in their Fall 2011 newsletter as a celebration of their 10th anniversary. Those adventurous enough to try to create their own “Fat Cat” can find the recipe here, and will certainly find the ingredients, equipment, and knowledgeable staff that they will need to brew it right here in Cambridge at the Modern Homebrew Emporium.

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