Water Main Break Disrupts Water Supply for Cambridge Residents

Cambridge officials are responding to a water main break that occurred near the intersection of Trowbridge Street and Broadway. Please seek an alternate route if you plan on travelling through this area as a large portion of Broadway between Ellery Street and Ware Street has been closed to traffic and pedestrians. The City of Cambridge is preparing to temporarily switch to the MWRA water supply to restore water to those who have seen their water supply disrupted.

Please stand by for more information.


  1. Minka vanBeuzekom - Reply

    thanks for letting people know about the issue. Many were curious about why their pressure dropped.

    Wonder if we'll be able to taste the difference between MWRA and Cambridge water.

  2. Tim Toomey - Reply

    Hi Minka,

    The City never ended up needing to switch over to the MWRA because the break was isolated quickly.


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