Flash Flooding Hits Cambridge and Somerville

Cambridge and Somerville – map

As many of you know, Cambridge and Somerville were hit with heavy rain and some severe flash flooding last Saturday (July 10th). According to officials from the City of Cambridge, the severity of the flooding was caused by rainfall totaling 3.58” within a one-hour period in Cambridge, and 4.3” in the same hour in Somerville. An inch of that rainfall occurred within 10 minutes—a truly incredible rate that exceeded the capacity of the Cities’ drainage systems.

I am aware of the fact that a number of homes and businesses were damaged by the flooding, and I would like to take this opportunity to offer my support to those who have been impacted, and to make available some important information that may be helpful during this stressful time.

If your home or business was damaged by the flood and you have not yet reported this to your City’s Department of Public Works, please do so! The Cities need to reach a certain damage threshold in order to receieve disaster assistance, and the Cities’ abilities to accurately assess damages is critical to this process. If you are inside Somerville, you can dial 311 to reach the DPW. Cambridge residents should call 617-349-4800 to report damage. Please document any damage to your home or business, and save any receipts that you have from your cleanup.

At the moment, officials from the City of Cambridge and the State are working with FEMA and MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) to coordinate an appropriate response for the victims of the flood. Though it has not yet been determined whether or not disaster assistance funds will be available for the community, it is certainly a possibility.

The Cambridge Department of Public Works has set up a website with information for victims of the flooding: http://www.cambridgema.gov/TheWorks/news/FloodingJuly2010.htm

The City of Somerville has set up a similar website for Somerville residents who have been affected: http://www.somervillema.gov/alert.cfm?alert_id=295

I encourage anyone with questions about the flooding last Saturday to call my office at City Hall at 617-349-4278, or my office at the State House at 617-722-2380.

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