Local Bills


Public Salaries to Municipal Employees Serving Overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan:
This landmark local Home Rule bill authorized the City of Cambridge to pay full salaries and benefits to municipal employees serving in theaters of combat overseas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill also ensures that any such employee will not lose any seniority or accrued vacation leave while serving our country.
Chapter 153 of the Acts of 2007


Establishment of a Municipal Hearing Officer:
The creation of the position of Municipal Hearing Officer in the City of Somerville provides a venue for residents to dispute citations for violations of local ordinances without being required to appear in district court.
Chapter 106 of the Acts of 2008

Updating the City’s Charter:
This expansive piece of legislation provided for many simplifications and modernizations of Somerville’s Charter and the Department of Public Works: it created divisions of highways, engineering, waterworks, and buildings within the Department of Public Works; it allows for the mayor, with the approval of the board of aldermen, to eliminate existing divisions and create new ones as deemed necessary by the city; it created the position of superintendent for each new division of Public Works; and, it mandates the annual appointment of the superintendent of each division by the mayor subject to the approval of the board of aldermen.
Chapter 112 of the Acts of 2008


Read more about the 2007-2008 Formal Legislative Session:

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