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Recycle Your E-Waste Tomorrow

Don't let your e-waste pile up. Dispose of it properly this Saturday. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Don’t let your e-waste pile up. Dispose of it properly this Saturday. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Just in time for spring cleaning, the City of Somerville is hosting an e-waste recycling event this Saturday, April 13, from 9am-noon at the Department of Public Works facility (1 Franey Rd.). The event is open to all Somerville residents and businesses, and while residents can simply show up, businesses are asked to fill out this form to help the City estimate the volume of e-waste.

The goal of the event is to keep toxic chemicals and heavy metals from finding their way into landfills. E-waste recycling programs have come under fire in recent years (60 Minutes did an excellent report on the subject a few years ago), but the City of Somerville has contracted with a company called ProTek, which will recycle the materials in an environmentally friendly way.

Bring your old laptops, routers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, TVs and more to the event. If you have questions about whether your e-waste can be recycled, please call the Somerville DPW at 617-625-6600, extension 5070.

New Recycling Bins for Cambridge Residents

New recycling bins are coming for Cambridge residents.

New recycling bins are coming for Cambridge residents. The old ones will be recycled, naturally.

The Cambridge Department of Public Works is replacing residents’ recycling bins. For free.

Starting today, the DPW has asked residents to leave their empty recycling bins at the curb until 5:30pm the day after your normal collection day. Basically, all you’ll have to do is take out your recycling as you normally would, then leave the bin at the curb until a new one appears the next day. This program ends on December 8.

If this sounds like an early Christmas gift, it’s not: many of the 64-gallon recycling bins are cracking, and with winter fast approaching, now is the time to replace them. The plastic from current bins will be recycled, the wheels will be reused, and the cost of the new bins will be paid by the manufacturer since the bins are still under warranty.

If you have any questions, please email the DPW at, or call 617-349-4800.

Somerville Begins Single Stream Recycling This Week

This week marked the beginning of the city-wide implementation of Somerville’s Single-Stream Recycling program. Single-stream recycling, which allows residents to dispose of all of their recyclable waste into one large bin without sorting, is designed to increase rates of recycling and make recycling more convenient for citizens. When single-stream recycling was tested in limited parts of Somerville last year, recycling rates increased nearly 60%, giving weight to the argument that single-stream encourages residents to recycle more. The City of Somerville expects to save money on its disposal costs through this program, as well.
The small bins that residents have used for their recycling in the past may either be kept or disposed of (the bins themselves are recyclable). To dispose of a bin, the City has asked that residents simply place it on top of their new recycling bin on trash pickup day.

All collection schedules will remain the same. Any questions about this program should be directed to Somerville’s constituent services office, which can be reached by dialing 311.



In addition to cleaning out your closets this spring, perhaps it time to go through the garage and basement. Some of the items that residents would typically throw away on trash day could now be very easily recycled or much more safely disposed of.

At the DPW yard at 147 Hampshire St the city maintains a top notch recycling yard that accepts a variety of items from scrap metal to old computers. So if you find yourself rummaging through the dark corners of your basement wondering how your going to make some room, take a look at the various items you might be able to recycle at the drop off center.

Additionally the City hosts a number of Hazardous Waste collection days at the Concord Armory.
This year the first one is being held on April 25th. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of chemicals that you may have accumulated over the years. Just load up your trunk and drive through the line, you don’t even have to get out of your car. Workers will unload you and you are on your way in no time.
For information about the items collected please visit

It important that we all contribute to a better environment and proper disposal of harmful chemicals and keeping our recyclable out of landfills can have a tremendous impact on our community.

Some other useful information:

Separate yard waste collection begins the week of April 6th

Multi-family buildings with 6 units or more are eligible for free wheeled recycling toters. DPW will label them for “paper/cardboard” and “containers” and deliver them to your building. To request recycling toters, visit


Cambridge /Somerville

Spring is here and that means its time for Spring Cleaning. This year in particular keep in mind the many options that you have instead of sending your old treasures to the trash heap. As you sort through your closets, attics and storage bins please realize that many of these items would be welcomed donations at a variety of local charities. The Cambridge Public Works website has a list of local charities that would be happy to accept a variety of donations. Just give your local non profit a call and see if one of your items could enjoy a second life in a new home. Being part of a community means that we all do our part in the times we are facing

For a list of Charities accepting donations please visit